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ABOUT US was founded by Ayşegül Cengiz Akman.

Weirdo, the first project of is brought into performance by cooperating with

veteran French actor and clown Amédée Bricolo. Working with Amédée gave an opportunity to create the ‘’woman’’ character as a clown as well. Meanwhile Amédée decided to use Ayşegül Cengiz Akman’s main idea of the play in his own performance back in France. The same idea paved the way for two sister plays called '’Weirdo’’ and ‘’Dingo Bricolo’’ which have been performed in Turkey and France

‘The world premiere of ''Weirdo'' has taken place in İstanbul on the 9th of November, 2018. The play has been enthusiastically recieved by the audience in İstanbul.

Weirdo had also tours out of İstanbul and was performed in London in Brady Arts Centre in June 2019 and afterwards was invited to Bademli Theatre Festival (One of the summer theatre festivals in Aegean Sea of Turkey) and performed in July 2019.

’Weirdo’’ opened the new theatre season in France. Ayşegül Cengiz Akman performed at Maison De La Musique De Nanterre in France on the 29th of September as part of European Forum For Primary Care (EFPC) 2019 Nanterre Conference.

Apart from the İstanbul shows Weirdo will be performed at the artı FESTIVAL in Bursa in December 2019.