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This project is brought into performance by cooperating with veteran French actor and clown Amédée Bricolo.

Our heroine escapes from an asylum. Hastily seeking for a place to hide, she finds herself in the middle of a theatre stage. She powerfully captures the stage and scenery with her presence. This play promises the audience a dynamic, unorthodox performance that goes beyond the ordinary. The subsistence struggle of the woman with her demons, herself and the stage reflects all the existential efforts in life. 

Expression of the body and voice in the performance has been designed with a musical score for each moment. Contrasts like comedy and tragedy, rational and irrational, system and caos switch rapidly and constantly during the play which makes the audience experience the weirdness of sharing the same environment with this woman, trail the borders of insanity and have fun like a child

Writer Director and Performer:

Ayşegül Cengiz Akman

Artistic Supervisor:

Amédée Bricolo


Verda Habif

Set/Costume/Sound and Lighting Designer:

Ayşegül Cengiz Akman

Puppet Designer:

Asuman Subay

Assistant Directors:

Betül İngin, Damla Ahkemoğlu

Lighting and Music Associate:

Davut Torlak, Manolya Urkan

Theatre Photographer:

Mehmet Akman

Poster&Graphic Design:

Manolya Urkan

Lasts app 70’/No intermissions

In the name of Mustafa Cengiz

(Many thanks to Şahika Tekand, Esat Tekand, Yasemin Çelik Massas, Şirin Parkan, Çağrı Kalaça, Nedim Zakuto, Sağlık Bahçesi, Nilgün Kurtar, Burcu Ger, Murat Ersan and Studio Players for their great support.)